The Computer Conspiracy

Segment One   5/6/2010

Little did I know what I was about to get myself into when I decided to learn how to use the computer. The very first time I opened up an internet account I opened it up in Google. I had this woman in my gmail email page, tell me she was my webmaster. What did I know, I never had this experience before. I was in for a rude awakening.

I told my husband about this woman. My husband said, “the computer doesn’t talk to you.” I said “I know but there is this woman in my gmail  and when ever I ask a question in the search bar she always writes back to me with the answer.” Before long the (Google Lady) for whom I nicknamed began telling me what I could do and what I couldn’t do. I decided to call Google’s administrative office and ask them if it were possible for me to have a webmaster. They confirmed I did not

I should have closed my account while I could. It seemed that although I knew she didn’t belong there I couldn’t get rid of her. Google also confirmed that she didn’t work for them. If she didn’t work for Google then why was she even in my gmail..? There were too many questions that I could not answer and in the mean time this woman insisted she worked for Google. It never occurred to me that she might be a hacker.

I tried to let go of the situation so I wouldn’t get stressed out. After all I still has a Hotmail account. Then one day my Hotmail account got hacked into. They only stole a couple of my contacts but the problem was the contacts they stole were businesses. I contacted the businesses right away to let them know what had happened, so whoever did it could be stopped before they could charge a number of items up. I didn’t have to worry about getting charged myself as I made it a practice never to charge anything online.

A few months went by without incident by the Google Lady, who would do things to me like take away my favorite webpage and tell me I couldn’t have it back unless I bargained for something she wanted in return. I always got back what ever she messed up thanks to the technical team at Internet Explorer.

One day I caught the Google Lady taking my files and putting them in folders. I told her I wanted them back. She told me I couldn’t have them back unless I put them in one of four places of her choosing. I told her she was crazy and that I was going to report her to Microsoft’s PC safety department. By now with all the things she had done Microsoft’s PC safety department wanted me to write a letter to IC3.GOV. I wrote my letter and when I went to send it the Google Lady deleted the address and put the Addison Jewelry Company in it’s place. Much to my shock the Addison Jewelry Company was one of the contacts that was stolen from my Hotmail account. Now I knew it was the Google Lady who hacked my Hotmail account.

I opened up a yahoo account just so I could have a place I could call my own, a place where I could go and write. I only had the account open for two days when on the second day I went to sign in and I couldn’t get in. I wrote yahoo and told them I was having a problem signing in. They asked me to verify my birthday. I told them and they said I was wrong. They asked me what my zip code was, I told them and again they said I was wrong. Now I had a case of identity theft. Computing was turning out to be a very stressful experience for me. I filed all the proper papers you need to file for identity theft and contacted the FBI and the credit services .

One day when I called Microsoft regarding a case number I had pending they recited the name and telephone number that they had attached to that case. I realized they had gotten me mixed up with the girl who stole my yahoo account. I played dumb and said, yes I am that girl. After all that was my case number. Now I had the name and phone number of the girl who stole my yahoo account. I called the girl’s phone number and just said identity theft and hung up. The next day all my files were messed up on my webpage. I am sure it was a direct result of the phone call I made the day before. I later find out that this girl is friends with the Google Lady.

Tune in with me tlauren for segment two of The Computer Conspiracy, I Have Been Hacked. Will I find out why the Google Lady is hacking my computer and what she is after.?


































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