The Computer Conspiracy

                                                                                                          The Computer Conspiracy
Part two segment one of The Computer Conspiracy I have Been Hacked
I thought I was finished with this article, but here I am writing what I now know to be Part Two of The Computer Conspiracy. I hadn’t even had the chance to do anything with the first three segments when the hackers got on to the laptop that Dell sent me for a replacement. The hackers completely took over my old computer, so Dell Computers decided it was a complete loss.

FLASH BACK: 2mo ago; After all I did to reinstall windows, and finding just the right person to do it with the hackers got into the bios of the computer and tied it up with passwords so I could no longer use it. Dell decided to replace my computer with a new one. I was somewhat depressed at the thought of losing my old friend my first computer, but at the same time is would become the first time I was able to use a computer that worked properly.

After what seemed like a long three weeks of waiting my new computer arrived at the door steep via UPS. I ripped open the box to find a shiny new black studio Dell laptop. I could only utter one word OEM. I could barely believe my eyes. It was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen, and it was mine. I placed it on the dining room table and all I could do was look at it. My husband came home from work to find that I hadn’t even turned the computer on. He wanted to see what it looked like turned on and I kept saying wait, I was petrified. I guess in the back of my mind all I could think of was what the hackers had done to my old computer. Before I could say another word my husband hit the turn on button. Much to my shock nothing happened, it would not turn on. I called Dell Computers right away and told them what had happened. They said they would send a technician out to our house to save me several more weeks of waiting.

I began asking myself if I was ever going to get this computer experience going. A couple of weeks went by and Damian the Dell technician finally arrived at our house. He checked the computer out and said that I would have to wait again as he didn’t have the proper part to fix it. By now I had gone to some pretty drastic measures to conceal the new computer. I bought a Virgin Airways 2 go card, so when I hooked up to the internet hopefully the hackers wouldn’t see the computer. I also tried to think of a way to set the computer up on a separate router in out house, my thought was that if I set it up on its own router maybe the hackers wouldn’t recognize it. The problem was my husband probably wouldn’t allow me to do that since he thought that we were on a secure network and I couldn’t convince him that we had hackers.

While the Dell technician and I waited for the parts to arrive I had the opportunity to tell him about the situation with the hackers on our computers and our network. .I warned him not to set the new computer up on our network When I told him I got the feeling he thought I was nuts. In talking to him about the situation he was surprised to find out that I knew what the MMC was. (Short for Microsoft Management Console). He said that information is only for very advanced computer people. I told him I learned about it by following the hackers there.

When the time came the tech set the computer up on our home network, I had not convinced him that the hackers were on it. He told me I would be fine, to go ahead and use the computer and if I had any problems at all to call him and he would come back and fix them I am sure you know what comes next. Yes the hackers got on to my new computer. I tried to call Damian the computer tech to come back to fix the problem. I left messages several times, but he never returned my phone calls. Some geek, the kind that think they know everything and are never open to what just maybe.

A few more weeks went by and I decided that if I took the Windows Vista operating system off the computer, and installed Windows 7 I might get rid of the hackers… Now the search was on to find the right person for the job. Once again I wanted someone who knew what a clean installation was, because I noticed that I already had some file extensions on the new computer. I found the right person at a neighborhood office store. What I didn’t know at the time was this was to become my good fortune. I was going to meet some computer people who knew that I knew what I was talking about when I talked about having hackers on my computer. They could see the changes that the hackers had made on my computer.

I had the Windows 7 operating system installed by the tech I had just met at the office store in my neighborhood. Now the question was how could I turn the computer on so the hackers wouldn’t see it… I couldn’t turn it on at home, because the hackers were on our network. I had already returned the Virgin Air ways 2 go card when my husband found out about it, so I decided I need to buy a new one. After all what did I have to lose? Now I needed to get someone to install it for me as well as downloading the security system on my new Windows 7 operating system… I went back to the office store where I had the windows 7 installed and asked the tech there if he could help me out… I was about to get the good fortune of my life.

Tune in with me tlauren and find out the interesting development that takes place when I download Windows 7 on to my new computer. Who do I meet and what kind of impact do they have on my life



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