The Computer Conspiracy

                                                                                        The Computer Conspiracy



Part Two Segment two of The Computer Conspiracy. I Have Been Hacked

When I went back to have the security system and the Virgin Airway 2 go card downloaded on to my new computer I met the manager of the store.. Oh my god the manager was the nicest guy. We started talking and when he heard all the problems I was having with the hackers on my home network he suggested that I use the store’s wifi system to do my writing. The manager said that their internet system was as secure as you can get. He also said that if I should run into a problem the tech there could help me out. I was overjoyed. They set me up with a desk of my own to work on. It was a site to see, I was right in the middle of the store… When people walked by they looked surprised to see me. Some of the people thought I worked there. The best part of it was I felt safe! If the hackers followed me there, as they had a habit of doing I could have the tech help me with the problem.

Now I was on my way, I began to type my article. I worked all day writing without taking a break. I loved what I doing. The best part of it was that I was finally going to finish the article I had longed to write. From the time the hackers found out about the article they tried to stop me. They felt threatened

I had first started writing the article 6 mo ago and I had typed it on our old computer thinking that I was safe. I found out later that the hackers found the old computer and setup on it just as they had done on our other computers. The difference was the old computer couldn’t hook up to the internet, so how did they see the old computer to begin with. Now I knew they had read my article and were less than pleased about me exposing them. I had really become a threat, so they watched me like a hack. Everywhere I went that I touched a computer they were there letting me know. The Blindman would always take control of the keyboard and mess up my writing.

One day when I was talking to the manager of the office store, he asked me if it were possible that the hackers were on the computer when I got it. .The thought had never occurred to me, but I remembered that the last time I was at Best Buy and I was typing on one their computers I found the same thing happening to me, the letters would get scrambled. Now it all made sense. I could see that the hackers were in Best Buys system. Maybe the hackers were on my old computer when I bought it at Best Buy.

By now I had identified several ways they were able to access my computer. 1. Remotely, by signing on as the Executive Administrator. 2. By signing up the remote desktop in my name. The remote desktop, could move things on or off the computer with the help of the window’s briefcase. 3. By installing a consistent type 2 modem in the computer. In this way they could call the computer over a vpn (dialing over the network). 3. By signing on as a host using the MMC, (Microsoft management console) 4. I also found out someone was posing as my as my husband and called Microsoft asking for personal information about me and my computer. The unfortunate part of this was Microsoft gave this person the information they requested. I am sure it was the Blindman on Keyboard that made the phone call. He and the Google Lady were the ones in the network that knew the most about me. I believe they know the OS number of my computer. (That is the number of the operating system the manufacturer gives to each computer) 6. I found an article on-line called IT Iinform security penetration, which tells how hackers can use all kinds of tools to break into networks and computers.

My best friend called me after reading my article and becoming very concerned. She said she had spoken to other people who had similar problems, not as serious as mine, and they gave her the name of a, (so-called) full proof service that could get rid of hackers. She gave me the name and the phone number of the service… The name is iyogi. I looked it up on the computer, only to find out that the company behind it is Microsoft. I called them with the idea that I would give them the benefit of doubt in coming up with a solution. The only solution they could offer me was to change the settings on the computer. I informed them that I had already done that, and I felt that the only thing that would work would be to change the OS number of the computer. They said that couldn’t be done.

Over the next several months when ever I used the computer I made it a practice to go through the operating system at least tree times each time I had the computer turned on. In this way I could check to see if they had made any changes to my settings. Several times I found that they had gotten a hold of a couple of my e-mail names and passwords. They put them in the vault of the operating system in the computer in the hope of using them to get on to the computer. When ever that occurred I had one of the techs at the office store delete the passwords and run a quick check through the operating system to see if there were any other changes that had been made.

By now I was use to the different ways they used to get on to the computer. In the past I had thought that by removing the hard drive I could keep them off the computer. I found out different. I spent hours experimenting with the old computer we have in our house. I am surprised it still runs. I did everything to it from removing the hard drive, and the battery to deleting things I had no business deleting. I make it a practice to never keep the battery on the new computer because that was one of their favorite ways of getting on. They would change my computer setting and get on when the computer was in sleep mode.

Being at the office store with the computer techs was like being in private school. I felt like they were all my teachers. I began to soak up everything I could possibly learn from them. I was a computer tech in training. I loved it. I got up every morning at 5am and got dressed and left the house by 6:30am. I would go to my favorite coffee hang out where they had a wi-fi, and join the other people who were there for the same reason. Then after a couple of hours I would go to what I called my office. The neighborhood office store was my office and I stayed there the rest of the day.

As time, went on I began to feel more secure with using the new computer. With the fact that I knew I had the techs at the office store in case I had a problem and a subscription to the Office Depot Solutions, where I could call a tech 24/7, I felt I could finally pursue my dream of writing.

The Blindman continues to follow me. I am beginning to think he really likes me and just likes to bother me, which is something he does constantly. The difference is I have learned to accept the situation until I can find someone who can track the hackers down. In the meantime I won’t stop being the computer detective that I have become.

What you have just read is all true; some people might call it fiction. I am living with it and I can’t wait until the day I can finally get my hands on the Blindman on Keyboard. I promised him and the Google Lady that I will see to it that justice is done. Cyber crime is a federal offence and we as people deserve a safer computing experience.


PS  5/10

I just got am email from Word on the first Segment of The Computer Conspiracy telling me that someone left me a comment. Word press is asking me what I want to do with the comment. After reading the comment and finding out it is from the Google Lady I sent them a message to trash it. She wrote me saying, “I read your Email’s.” For the record I am posting her IP and email address for everyone to see. The IP address is and her email is If anyone has anything they want to say to her about what she and her friends have done, be my guest. I on the other hand will not give her the power of even thinking that she deserves to leave a message in the way of a comment to my article. I am only willing to use the message as a way of exposing her.


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