Computer Conspiracy, I Have Hacked

Post Script

I just finished writing the conclusion to the Computer Conspiracy. Much to my amazement I got an email from one of my readers expressing their disgust at the goggle lady for being such a wimp, and changing her email address after I posted it for my readers. I wanted to give them the opportunity to write to the Google Lady and express their feelings on the terrible crimes she and her friends committed. One of my readers sent me an email asking me to post the e-mail they tried to send her.


I just read article The Computer Conspiracy written by tlauren. I admire tlauren for writing such a great article about the despicable acts you and your friends committed. It is apparent that you don’t have a conscious.

I think it is amazing that she was able to provide her readers with a vivid account of what took place in twenty four months in her life. I commend her for posting your IP and email address, so that we the readers can express our utter discuss for what you did.”

Rod Underwood


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